Main street and Royal street

Albertplatz Dresden

After the great fire in 1685 a large part of Dresden fell down. Augustus the Strong decided to build a “new city” and these two streets are the most interesting architectural works on the northern bank of the Elbe.

Main Street begins at the August’s Bridge, where an equestrian statue of August the Strong is also located. The street here is 57 meters in width. At its northern end it is only 38 meters wide – the resulting perspective makes it look much longer than it actually is.

At the end of Main Street is a square, Albertplatz, with two large fountains. This is a major transport hub.

From Albertplatz, Royal Street leads back south toward the Elbe, which finishes at the Japanese palace. Royal Street has a unitary character of frontage buildings, and it is one of the most luxurious streets in Dresden.

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