Hotel IBIS*** – accommodation in Dresden

Dresden hotel IBIS

IBIS Hotel is a three-star standard hotel, not luxury, but offers perfect service and most importantly is in a perfect location. The hotel is located at the beginning of Prager Strasse, a short walk from the main train station. It consists of three separate buildings, which are named so visitors are not confused:


  • Hotels Ibis Dresden Bastei
  • Ibis Hotels Dresden Lilienstein
  • Ibis Hotels Dresden Königstein

These are separate buildings. It offers more than enough three-star accommodation with German quality. The only thing we lacked was wifi connection.

Breakfast is an extra € 10 – it is enough, but you can eat your fill and take away a small snack.

Alternatively, you can use one of the nearby cafes, which also offer a good breakfast. Nearby, for example, is Starbucks.

Parking in Dresden

Behind the hotel is a large parking lot which costs 3 € per day, or next to an indoor parking garage for € 5 a day. But I recommend parking a little further away in Wallstrasse – it also costs € 3, but Sunday is free.

All locations have some parking machines that give you a ticket for a certain number of hours or a full day (day = yellow button). The procedure is:

  1. Select the number of hours / days
  2. Insert money
  3. Press the green button to obtain your ticket
  4. Display your ticket place in your car window – police come often to check

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