Brühl terrace

Brühl terrace Dresden

An original part of the town’s fortifications of Dresden, which ceased to fulfill its defensive role, was bought in 1739 by Count Heinrich von Brühl. On this site, several architecturally interesting buildings and gardens were constructed. They used all of the fortifications around the Elbe and accordingly created the designation “terrace”.

Brühl terrace DresdenThe place is so interesting that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described it as the “Balcony of Europe”. This name was assimilated and is commonly used today. Besides the beautiful gardens one can see, among other things, the Albertinum, the Academy of Art and the Semperer oper.

But it is worth taking note of Count Heinrich von Brühl. He started at the court of Augustus the Strong as a squire. Through his zeal and diligence, he gradually worked himself up to the position of the Privy Councillor and Minister.

The garden is free to visit and open all year round.


Brühlsche Terasse,
01067 Dresden

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