Dresden map

There are many online map of Dresden on the Internet. Here we describe the most interesting.

Map of Dresden on the web dresden.de

Visit the official website of Dresden stadtplan.dresden.de. There is a great plan of the whole city with a clear menu where you can select what information you want to display on the map – for example, monuments, museums, sports …. Click on an icon on the map, you also receive some brief information on that point.


Dresden map on Google Maps

Google offers probably the most used online map of Dresden at https://www.google.cz/maps/place/Dr%C3%A1%C5%BE%C4%8Fany,+N%C4%9Bmecko. A huge advantage of Google Maps is the extension of pictures, user reviews and a virtual tour from Street View.

Tourist Map sights

In addition, we have prepared a simple map of the city, marked with monuments for download.

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